Linux ATA Development Project, UPDATED 01/06/2003

Linux ATA Development and Linux Disk Certification Project.
LAD Storage Consulting Group

LAD Storage Consulting Group spins off iSCSI Startup PyX Technologies, leads with ErrorRecoveryLevel ONE.

Serial ATA Source Released on 08/15/2002.
The IDE-Driver Re-Core to support

Supported Chipsets in Linux. Open Source RAID Project.
Support Vendors that Support Linux.
Get your HDPARM and FDISK utility and updates.
Get your utilities, and Smart Updates.
Get your ATA-66 disable utilities.

CD-RW HOWTO info Linux

Linux Floppy Patches

Technical Committee T13. Serial ATA. Mt-Rainer MRW-CDRW.

Storage Report Interesting.

APCUPSD, the original Linux Daemon. American Power Conversion Corp, provides LAD with UPTIME with a pair of Smart 3000 NET UPSes. Support Companies that Support Linux like blog erstellen mit WordPress. .

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
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